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• The spread of COVID-19 has caused global disruption in every aspect of life, including education.
• Schools have been closed worldwide and many are relying on distance learning to continue teaching students without physical contact.
• Distance learning has its own challenges such as access to technology, the need for more resources and teacher training.

Impact of COVID-19 on Education

The coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the educational sector around the world. With most countries ordering schools to close down in order to contain the spread of the virus, millions of children have been deprived of their right to education.

Shift To Distance Learning

Many schools have shifted to distance learning in order to continue teaching students without any physical contact. This new system poses several challenges such as lack of access to technology, inadequate resources and limited training for educators.

Access To Technology

One major challenge that comes with distance learning is access to technology which is required for online classes or virtual meetings between teachers and students. Many students from lower income families do not have access to computers or internet connection which makes it difficult for them to participate in online classes. Also, there is often a shortage of equipment like projectors or webcams required by teachers for virtual teaching sessions.

Lack Of Resources

Another issue that arises with distance learning is lack of adequate resources for both teachers and students. Online classes require more preparation time from teachers since they need additional material such as videos or audio recordings which are not available in traditional classrooms. Also, most students do not have access to textbooks or other materials needed for online courses due to financial constraints.

Training For Educators

Finally, one important challenge posed by distance learning is lack of proper training for educators who are now transitioning into this new system with little experience or knowledge about how it works. Many schools are struggling with providing appropriate training and support for their teachers so that they can teach effectively online without compromising on quality education standards set by government authorities