Be Crypto Savvy: Get Bitpapa’s Widget and Start Accepting Payments Now!

• Bitpapa is a leading P2P platform that provides businesses with a widget integration software package to accept payment from customers using cryptocurrencies.
• The workflow and client journey on the merchant resource offers the option of paying via P2P transfer using one of the local popular banks in the host country.
• Merchants who use the Bitpapa software suite get access to a personal account containing their wallet with a display of cryptocurrency balances.

Bitpapa: A Leading Peer-to-Peer Platform

The crypto industry continues to be widely used for making everyday transactions, and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading venues are becoming increasingly popular for such operations. Bitpapa is a leading P2P service provider in Africa that offers businesses a convenient solution for entering into cryptocurrency payment acceptance.

Integrating Bitpapa’s Software Suite

The widget integration software package provided by Bitpapa allows merchants to add the option of paying via P2P transfer using one of the local popular banks in their host country. Customers can make payments through an internal bank transfer from card to card, eliminating additional commission fees and merchant acquiring charges. Payments are usually processed within 30 seconds and customers receive payment confirmations that allow their orders to be processed quickly and securely.

Accessing Personal Accounts

Merchants who use the Bitpapa software suite get access to their own personal accounts which contain wallets displaying cryptocurrency balances converted into fiat currency. This makes it easy for merchants to keep track of their customers‘ payments, allowing them to manage funds more efficiently.

Benefits of Using Bitpapa’s Solution

Using this type of solution provides several benefits for both merchants and customers alike:
• Merchants can tap into new markets by adding cryptocurrency payment options without incurring additional charges or fees;
• Customers have greater flexibility when it comes to paying for goods and services, as they don’t need extra accounts or money transfers; • Transactions are secure as all data is encrypted; • All payments are fully transparent and decentralized, meaning no intermediaries will ever be involved in transactions;


By utilizing its widget integration software package, Bitpapa has become an essential instrument in fast-tracking the integration process of cryptocurrency payments across multiple businesses around Africa – providing both merchants and customers with ease when it comes making payments with cryptocurrencies.