Flare Network Integrates with Google Cloud, Reducing Web3 Barriers

• Flare Network, a Ripple-supported Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocol, has announced its partnership with Google Cloud.
• This collaboration integrates Flare’s API Portal with the Google Cloud Marketplace, making it accessible to anyone with a Google Cloud account.
• The integration expands Google Cloud Marketplace’s built-in support for blockchain APIs, now encompassing Algorand, Binance’s BNB Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Flare Litecoin, Songbird and XRP.

Flare Network Partners With Google Cloud

Flare Network, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocol supported by Ripple, has announced its partnership with Google Cloud. Through this collaboration the API Portal of Flare will be integrated into the Google Cloud Marketplace and thus made available to anyone who holds a valid account on the platform.

Integration of Blockchain APIs

The integration of the API Portal of Flare into the Google Cloud Marketplace is a significant step forward for blockchain technology as it provides developers easy access to both blockchain transactions and up-to-date state data from both Flare nodes and Connected Chain nodes. Additionally it also enables developers to create applications that perform transactions and query on-chain data relating to the chain’s latest state without running their own node for each blockchain they wish to interact with. Furthermore some major exchanges and wallets utilize this API Portal as a safeguard for their infrastructure.

Accessibility Of APIs

Google Cloud users can easily access all current APIs through their existing accounts in the marketplace which is beneficial because expenses on Flare’s API may count towards their committed spend on Google Cloud Platform. In addition future blockchain APIs added to Flame’s API Portal will also be accessible via GCP which makes experimenting with blockchain technology much more convenient for developers as they no longer have to worry about high hardware costs or maintenance fees associated with running their own node.

Importance Of The Partnership

Josh Edwards Vice President of Engineering at Flare highlighted how important this collaboration is as it reduces barriers for web3 participation significantly and enables developers to experiment freely without having to worry about additional costs associated with running a node themselves. On top of that James Tromans from Web3 engineering at GCP expressed his excitement about supporting web3 partners in their ecosystem while emphasizing how important it is that such collaborations exist in order to promote technological advancement within this field further into the future.


This partnership between Flame Network and GCP marks an important milestone in regards of progress made within blockchain technology as it allows any user who has an account on GCP easy access to various blockchains such as BTC ETH BNB XRP & FLR while also providing them with opportunities like counting expenses made through Flame’s APIPortals towards their committed spend in order make experimenting even more convenient than before .