Unlock British Heritage with BritanniaCoin: Pre-sale Now Open!

• Chainwire Aptius Ltd has developed a new cryptocurrency called BritanniaCoin
• The pre-sale of BritanniaCoin includes 316,000 coins fixed at 6 USD per coin
• 10% of the proceeds from the pre-sale will be donated to charity

BritanniaCoin: A Revolutionary British Cryptocurrency

Chainwire Aptius Ltd, a British financial enterprise, has developed a new revolutionary cryptocurrency called BritanniaCoin. This blockchain technology introduces real-world applications while honouring British cultural heritage.

Pre-Sale Information

The pre-release contains 316,000 coins for sale, fixed at 6 USD per coin in honour of the official unification of England and Scotland in 1707, 316 years ago. There is an opportunity to purchase BritanniaCoin before its launch on exchanges at 8 USD per coin. As part of the commitment to charitable causes, 10% of the proceeds from the pre-sale will be donated to charity as listed on the website. During its pre-sale this summer there will be 125,000 coins given away for free.

Software Wallet & Hardware Platform

BritanniaCoin is launching a software wallet for public use and this can be downloaded on Apple App Store and Google Play. Furthermore there is exclusive hardware wallet platform available to private investors and commercial clients which facilitates customer security, anonymity and technological innovation. In addition there are plans to provide customers with access to hardware wallets when NFT project is planned in future too.

Long Term Goals

BritanniaCoin pursues multiple long term goals such as expanding its community and improving user experience through its own British themed NFT project which provides holders unique advantages such as access to special events etc. Moreover they also strive towards fostering an ecosystem that represents British values through integrating historic cultural legacy with technological innovation as well as supporting charitable organizations like Hearts of Gold for betterment of vulnerable people lives.


In conclusion BritanniaCoin presents an opportunity for users interested in investing in cryptocurrency that is self funded with no silent partners but still provides zero fees and faster block confirmation time than Bitcoin while giving back to society by donating 10% proceeds from each sale towards charities like Hearts of Gold which supports vulnerable people’s life improvement projects.